Angry Bird Toons

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5.0 (2 Reviews)
Throw birds to knock down enemies from towers across 20 challenging levels. Calculate shots and aim carefully.
Employ strategic bird throws to dislodge enemies from towering structures across 20 levels. Calculate shots meticulously, aim precisely, and release! Dive into a laughter-filled journey with these vibrant birds and let the uproarious fun ensue!

Each level presents increasingly challenging scenarios, testing your puzzle-solving prowess and strategic acumen. Can you determine the optimal trajectory to vanquish multiple foes with a single bird? Strategize your moves, position the heroes on the slingshot, and focus intently on your target.

How to Play:
PC/Desktop: Drag the mouse.
On mobile: Swipe the screen.

+ Extremely smooth controls.
+ Simple and highly addictive gameplay.
+ Beautiful graphics.
+ Unique challenging levels.
+ Game for boys and girls.

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