Survival Craft 3D

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Survival Craft 3D is a game to create your own survival or simulator game. It includes an inventory, crafting, building, hunting, fighting, a save system and much more.

Survival Craft 3D Game could be a survival journey game wherever you craft your own destiny in an exceedingly open world atmosphere.

Discover this astonishing world. Use everything you discover to survive. Hunt wild animals, fish or gather fruits to beat hunger.

How to Play.
Desktop control:
- WASD or Arrow key to move.
- Space key to collect
- Shift key to Attack nearst.
- Q/E rotate camera
- Mouse to attack, zoom, move, pick up, ect.
Mobile control:
- Touch or Tap to attack, craft, ect.
- Two Finger to zoom camera.
- Joystick to move.

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